Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors


Archives in Sport Management and Leadership (ASML) is published by the Movement behavior and sport management department, University of Isfahan, Iran. Publishes diverse categories of articles. All types of articles are subject to double-blind peer-review. The journal publishes the following types of contribution:

    Article Types

  • Review Article
  • Original Article


All ASML publications are in English. Authors whose first language is not English should make sure their manuscript is written in idiomatic English before submission. Please write your text in good English . No language and copy-editing services are provided by the ASML. Hence, authors who feel their manuscript may require editing to eliminate possible grammatical or spelling errors are encouraged to obtain such services prior to submission. Authors are responsible for all costs associated with such services.

    Submission Declaration and Verification

By submitting an article, you ensure that your work has not been published previously, except in the form of a conference abstract or as part of a published lecture or thesis for an academic qualification. This implies that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and its submission is approved by all authors and responsible authorities where the work was carried out. It is highly important that if an acceptance is offered, your work will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other languages, including electronically without the written consent of the University of Isfahan as the Publisher. Authors should not submit the same manuscript, in the same or different languages, simultaneously to more than one journal.  


All contributing authors should qualify for authorship. The order of authorship should be a joint decision of the co-authors. Sufficient participation in the work is of utmost importance. Authorship credit should be based on substantial contribution to conception and design, execution, or analysis and interpretation of data. All authors should be involved in drafting the manuscript or revising it critically for important intellectual content, must have read and approved the final version of the manuscript and approve of its submission to the ASML.

1- According to the laws of the University of Isfahan, the author of the article is required to be a faculty member of the universities or research institutes, unless all authors of the article have no academic affiliation. Therefore, the authors should have academic/organizational email.

  1. In completing the online form, authors’ specifications should be provided precisely. According to the laws of the University of Isfahan, it is not possible at any stage to change the order of authors, their number and academic rank, authors’ specifications, and the corresponding author (graduate students should already ensure their university rules).
  2. The order of the authors in articles extracted from a PhD thesis by PhD candidates should be as follows:

             a) The name of the student,

              b) Supervisor (corresponding author),


Text Style

Use the template to write the Manuscript. it consists of Title, Abstract, Keywords, Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Declaration of Conflicting Interests, acknowledgement and References


  • Should be cited in numerical order upon their first mention.
  • Should be prepared left to right and cell-based (i.e., created in Word with the Tables tool).
  • Table number and caption always appear above the table. Leave 2 line spaces between the table and the caption.
  • Should be editable and upright on the page, not on sideways.
  • Should be prepared with real rows and columns and not aligned with tabs, returns, or spaces.
  • Multi-part tables with varying numbers of columns or multiple footnotes should be organized as separate tables.
  • Should be plain with NO colors, shading, or graphics.
  • Should not contain inserted text boxes, tables within tables or cells within cells.
  • Symbols and abbreviations should be defined immediately below the table, followed by essential brief description.
  • All tables should be inserted within the text as close as possible to where they are referenced. Authors should not upload them as separate files.


  • All figures/images must be cited within the main text in numerical order.
  • All figures/images must be centered. Figure number and legend always appear below the figure. Leave 2 line spaces between the figure and the legend.
  • All digitized images must be of high quality
  • Histograms should be prepared in a simple, two-dimensional format, with no background grid.
  • Figures/images should be inserted within the text as close as possible to where they are referenced. Authors should not upload them as separate files.


  • Equations must be typed only in MathType
  • Your equations should be editable.
  • If you have used built-in equation editing tool in Microsoft Word, the equations will become unusable during the typesetting process. To resolve this problem, please re-key your equations using MathType.
  • Long equations should be set off from the text and numbered sequentially.
  • If you cannot avoid using many equations or schemes, you can collect them in a table of equations and shot them as a framed figure to avoid typesetting errors.  


Arrange references as a simple list at the end of your manuscript based on our EndNote and Mendeley style.

The submitted manuscripts must follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), seventh edition.

 References should be hyperlinked.


Manuscript Submission

Submission to this journal occurs online. Manuscripts submitted via email are not processed. Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them closely to ensure that the review and publication of your article is as efficient and quick as possible. ASML only considers the materials submitted in electronic form via the journal's online submission system. The editorial office reserves the rights to return manuscripts that are not in accordance with the ASML instructions for authors. Once you have prepared your manuscript according to the instructions below, you can then submit your work via our online submission platform.

During the online submission process, authors are asked to provide:

1) Manuscript Type: Review Article or Original Article

2) Manuscript Title: authors need to insert the main and running title

3) Journal section: It includes one of the following topics

  • Human resource management in sport
  • Leisure time and tourism management in sport
  • Management and planning in physical education
  • Management in sport organizations
  • Sport entrepreneurship
  • Sport law
  • Sport marketing
  • Sport media
  • Sport places and facilities management
  • Sport sociology

4) Abstract: The abstract should be a maximum of 250 words. The abstract should state briefly and clearly the purpose and setting of the research, the principal findings and major conclusions, and the article's contribution to knowledge.

5) Keywords: Authors need to add up to 6 keywords separately into the online system during submission, and should accurately reflect the content of the article. Abbreviations/acronyms could be used with their expansions. The keywords will be used for indexing purposes.  Please prepare the keywords according to the following instructions:

  • 3-6 Keywords (single or phrases with no more than 3 words)
  • Contain words and phrases that suggest what the topic is about
  • Use variants terms or phrases that readers are likely to use
  • If the article focuses on a particular region (geographic, etc.), use that as a keyword
  • Use specific phenomena or issues as keywords

6) Attach Files: authors MUST upload the following four mandatory files and forms:

  1. a) Main Manuscript (Use the template to write the Manuscript. it consists of Title, Abstract, Keywords, Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Declaration of Conflicting Interests, acknowledgement and References )
  2. b) Authorship Form (The Authorship Form should be signed by ALL AUTHORS.)
  3. c) Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (Authors must state all possible conflicts of interest, including financial, consultant, institutional, and other relationships that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest. If there is no conflict of interest, this should also be explicitly stated as none declared. All sources of funding should be acknowledged in the Acknowledgment section.)

Note: uploading the supplementary files (eg, spss file ) are optional.

7) Cover Letter & Checklist: uploading cover letter is optional

8) Finish Submission: authors need to review the submission before clicking the submit button.

All manuscripts submitted to the ASML are checked by the editorial office for conformance to the ASML instructions. Non-conforming manuscripts are returned to authors.  

Note: All correspondence, including editor's decisions, revision requests, and etc., is sent to the lead corresponding author.